Inter-Actief Top 100

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The Top 100

Once upon a time, many Christmases ago the last drink of the year was a simple VriMiBo. The students left for their parents somewhere in the week leading up to the break as there was no organised event to signal the beginning of the break. Of course the closing of the academic year and the beginning of the summer break is celebrated by De Dikke Vrienden van Grolsch live drink. This absence sparked an idea in a few members who were listening to the Top 2000 of Radio 2.

Not before long the IA Top 100 was not just an idea anymore but a reality, within a month everything was arranged and the last VriMiBo before the Christmas break was changed to the Top 100 Cafe. Every year since the event has returned to the drink rooms, defying ever increasing obstacles like lockdowns.

We are happy to present the Inter-Actief Top 100 once more!

How it works

Anyone can send in 10 songs which they think should be in this years Top 100. All you need is a working e-mail address. After voting closes on the 8th of December the list will be partly announced to the public. The top 10 remaining a secret until they are played on the show.

The radio-show will take place on the 17th and 18th of December, an extra day to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Inter-Actief. You can expect the show to be more than just the Top 100 this year because of this!

If you have any questions or an idea for the show itself you can contact us by mailing to [email protected]